Baka-Pipes is a chess-tower defense game in which you will face hordes of explosive lolis using automated chess pieces as weapons. Hold out for as long as you can managing your Ener-Gear bar to build your defences against these perilous beings!


Select a piece by CLICKING on the desired icon whenever you have enough ENER-GEARS, and then CLICK again in the green area to place it.

Every piece has its own HEALTH POINTS and will MOVE AUTOMATICALLY based on their CHESS BEHAVIOUR.


We tried to make a hard game and with a risky mixture of genres (Tower Defense - Chess / Steampunk - Lolis) but we think it's cool, so we hope you like it!

We couldn't have this great audio without the help of @parejomusic. Thank you dude <3.

We recommend to download the game for a better experience :DD



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Windows - 42 MB

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